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1. The Pig and The Beast

“Do you know why they call me “The pig”?” A skinny man sat straight on the chair and asked. He was so skinny that it felt like he did not had food for a week.
“No I don’t “. Bartender told with a confused face.
” because if they call him…… “the pig”….. he will tear them apart… ” pointing finger at a tall masculine sitting at a far corner of the bar.

” so what do they call him?”

” actually nothing…… Nobody ever dares to call him any names….. But he thought a title would make him a legend.. .. So I….. gave him title ” The beast”.

” So you two are the famous pig n beast duo from Roanotting” a voice from behind asked.

The pig turned back to see a man with a hat almost covering his face.

Pig just shaking a bit in chair asked with a proud face” so I am famous here also ”

Man with hat” yes I have heard that your head is worth a lot”
Took out out a sword from his coat.
” Close the door….” He shouted loud. ” friends we are gonna be rich tomorrow…. We need these two alive”

Door was closed.A bunch of people pulled out weapons with different shapes and circled both of them.

The pig did not move from the chair. But beast was so quick to pull out couple of swords one in each hand. People surrounded him but he was too quick in his actions and looked like a well trained warrior. He used both sword effectively to defend as well was injure the opponents. Number of people around beast was getting reduced fast. The man with hat asked people around him to help others to fight beast. They moved towards beast leaving pig and man with hat alone.

Pig pulled out a small weapon which looked like a small bow and shot at the man striking at his head. He fell down immediately.

The pig turned back to see frightened bartender and told him. ” just enjoy my friend….”

At same time the The beast was easily taking on the opponents. He
He was too good for them. When they tried to attack from the back he rotated his body like a wheel to hit them back. Eventually every one was down.

Beast shouted loud ” I…… AM….. THE…….BEAST”

Pig to bartender ” He likes that name so much”

Pig ” Well the show is over….. So good bye friends…..”

They walked out of the door with pig in front and beast behind.
After reaching outside beast asked ” So what should we do now?”

” Nothing…. the message was loud enough. We will wait for the reply.”
To be continued……….

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